F19 Pro Triller



Regular Price: $51,999

Save Up To $2000

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With Mercury 90 EXLPT 4-Stroke with Big Tiller Handle and Glide-on Trailer

+ Preferred Equipment Package: $2,453 for FREE!

The Pro Anglers' Boat

The F19 Pro Tiller is a fisherman’s dream. Direct control of your motor, loads of fishing space.


We've equipped the F19 Pro Tiller with these amazing features.




Inside Depth


Maximum Horsepower


Bottom Width


Package Width


Fuel Capacity

132L (35 US gal)

Hull Depth


Aluminum Thickness


Maximum Capacity

1744 lbs

Package Length


Towing Weight

2937 lbs

Preferred Equipment Package

These features are typically optional on most comparable models, but come standard* on the F19 Pro Tiller.

Total value: $2,852 | You Pay: $0

Humminbird Helix 7 GPS Fish/Depth Finder with Double Ball Mount

Value: $1,089

You Pay: $0

Space-Saving Trailer Swing Tongue

Space -saving trailer swing tongue feature reduces storage length as much as 24” making it easier to fit in a garage and helps prevent shin smashing.

Value: $499

You Pay: $0

EZ-Load Trailer Guides

Launching and loading are made effortless. The loading guides keep your boat centered during the loading process, even in windy situations.

Value: $299

You Pay: $0

Driver’s Seat Slider

The driver’s seat slider allows you to slide the seat forward or backward while seated. This slider has a gear tooth lock mechanism, locks solidly, disengages easily and rides smoothly on acetal linear bearings

Value: $249

You Pay: $0

Dual USB Power Outlet

Keep your devices charged all day long.

Value: $139

You Pay: $0

Big Wheel Backsaver Jack And Dolly

The big wheel backsaver jack and dolly raises and lowers the trailer in order for you to easily connect the coupler to and disconnect it from the ball on your hitch. It also keeps the trailer level when not attached to your tow vehicle.

Value: $119

You Pay: $0

Legend Quick Latch Tie Downs

Our tie downs are quick, easy to use, super-strong and secure your boat safely to your trailer

Value: $59

You Pay: $0

Choose Your Power

Motor models may not be exactly as shown.

90 EXLPT 4-Stroke with Big Tiller Handle

+$0 Per Week


$81 Per Week | $48,999

90 EXLPT CT 4-Stroke with Big Tiller Handle

+$1 Per Week


$82 Per Week | $49,498